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Interview on The Scathing Athiest Podcast

On this week’s episode, There’s a child marrying convention that Eli isn’t a keynote speaker at, North Carolina gets asked if they wanna secede, and Steve and Tally Cass from Monster on Sunday will be here to rock your f-cking world.

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2 thoughts on “Interview on The Scathing Athiest Podcast

  1. Right on! Thank you so much for your support and please enjoy! Don’t forget to check out our new YouTube show Godless Rockers at Ep 10 5 Reasons Atheists are not Religious had Noah Lugeons as our special guest! \m/

  2. I was just listening to The Scathing Atheist podcast that you were interviewed on and heard your song “Pain”. That song, especially when accompanied by the lead-up explanation of the song that you gave on the Podcast was great! I immediately bought your album digitally and can’t wait to listen to it on my way home from work tonight.

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