If you would like to help us spread our atheist hard rock message to the world, you can donate here.  Any donation over $50 will receive a signed CD and a personalized thank you card from the band!









All donations large and small will help to cover the following types of expenses:


Recording music in studios, including mixing and mastering.  Filming and editing music videos.  Photographs and artwork for albums.  This category also contains the necessary stuff like printing CD’s, posters and show flyers.


Whether we’re close to home here on the west coast or touring the world, touring costs from gasoline and hotels to plane flights and food while traveling is expensive.


Everything needed for shows and pre-production recording.  There is simply too much to name them all, but a few to mention are guitars, amps, mics, mixers, computers, speakers, monitors, P.A., lighting, etc.


Professional help doesn’t come cheap!  From band manager and roadies to an entertainment attorney, there are crucial staff members that we need if we are to succeed in our mission.

Marketing & Promotion

Print ads, website, online marketing, social media, radio, TV, and podcasts.  It’s all about getting our message out to the world!

Misc Costs

All those little things (and there’s a LOT) that go with running a professional band like legal filing fees, financial accounting, etc.

2 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I’m currently a student (pre-medicine) so I can’t quite donate currently… But the moment I have any income I’ll be sure to send some donations your way!

    If you guys are ever in the Albuquerque area, I’d be happy to volunteer to help out! Stay strong, and thank you… A million times thank you for deciding to form a band to spread the message that we all love to hear:

    “We are atheists. We are not afraid of combating religious oppression, and we aren’t going anywhere.”

    Keep being awesome, guys.

  2. Our mission is to let people know that they are not alone in their non-belief, and to inspire change through meaningful lyrics. We want to encourage people to not be afraid to speak out against the harms of religion. Basically, we intend to use our rock to kick religion’s ass to make the world a better place!

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