Monster On Sunday Official Band Merch

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9 thoughts on “Store

  1. 2 things I would love to see are bigger shirts 4xtall would be great but 5x would work. And the second thing would be digital downloads of the album instead of just cd’s.

  2. Lol, sorry about that! We will consider including that size for our next order, thanks for bringing that to our attention.

  3. Any chance of future orders or designs including XXL sizes? I can’t believe how rare double-ex is in the world of underground rock tees, especially in the land of McDonuts.

  4. View photos of our kick-ass Merch Booth! Go to the PHOTOS tab and click BEHIND THE SCENES.

  5. The Baby Eater Album and all band merch including two package deals are all now available for purchase!

    Thank you for supporting Atheist Music!

    ~ Monster On Sunday

  6. Yes, we added a link to the shirt details and size chart in the shirt description. Thanks for your inquiry!

  7. Hi Shoppers,

    Thank you so much for your interest in our band! All items in our Store are now available for ordering! Our singles and album can also be purchased as a digital download, and you can listen to a minute of each song on the album on the Music page.

    Please contact us if you have any questions on our website, we’ll be happy to help.


    ~ Monster On Sunday

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