Baby Eater

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Baby Eater


You’re my friend, my family

I’ve know you my whole life

I know we disagree

But words cut like a knife

Calling me baby eater

Though you can’t back your claim

Goes to show just who you are

There’s nothing left to say


There’s no use fighting you

I’ll be whatever you think I am

Satan’s slave, I’m a monster

Someone that you can’t stand


Yeah baby eater! Yeah baby eater!


You are not afraid of me

You’re afraid of yourself

A danger to society

Yeah you really need some help

If you think without god

That you lack morality

Then you should just keep your

Fucking fantasy!


What if you lost your god

What if you left your faith?

Would you become a monster

Someone with bloody taste?


There’s no way

For us to be friends now

You’ve crossed the line

Maybe next time

You’ll rethink your words

Or just leave ‘em behind






Gaze at the night sky

See the blanket of stars

Expanding through space and time

Suddenly you can’t breathe

And you wonder why you’re alive

And who you were created by

The answer stares back at you

Though you don’t realize


We are all stardust

We are all stardust

Science has shown us

We are all stardust


Mysterious and beautiful

Violent and cruel

It’s amazing how the universe

Is so much like you

When it’s time for stars to die

They explode across the sky

And you would not exist

If it was not for this


We are all stardust

We are all stardust

Truth is within us

We are all stardust


The stars died for you




Make A Believer


Make a believer out of…


I know about the bible

It was taught to me since birth

How are you convinced without fail

That it’s not just a fairytale?

I’ve read about heaven and hell

And I’ve been threatened with the fire

But even if I did feel guilty

What makes it more

Than an emotional plea?


I think I’ve heard it all before

Do you think you got something new?

And if I’m blind then help me see

Make a believer out of me


I’ve been told Jesus loves me

But god is sending me to hell

Why should I think this twisted logic

Is anything more than a myth?

So you’ve had a personal experience

Full of magic and emotion

How can you be sure that it wasn’t

Just a good hallucination?


Give me your best reason

Why do you believe in god?!




Just Like You


Your god is, your god is…


Your god is just like you

Your god is just like you


(Your god is)

Jealous and proud of it

Petty and unjust

Bloodthirsty hypocrite

Full of hate and mistrust


Homophobic and racist

Infanticidal, genocidal

Always wearing two faces


Just another ethnic cleanser

Just another evil monster

Just another abusive father

Just another mother fucker!


(Your god is)

Megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic

So diabolical, he’s fucking sadistic

A malevolent bully, vindictive and violent

He’s a selfish liar, a thug and a bigot


Wake up!






Father, I’ve been praying

Each night I am asking

Jesus, his love impart

Enter into my heart


Father, you said I’ll know

When he is there in my soul

Jesus won’t answer me

Daddy I’m down on my knees


Pain whoa, pain go away!

Pain whoa, pain go away!


Father, you told me lies

That hurt me all my life

Jesus is not real, but your

Demons are haunting me still


You said without him

Evil will possess me

You heard my cries

But did not help me

You put your beliefs above me

How could you?

And for this neglect

I can never forgive you!


Go away, go away, go away!




Monster On Sunday


I’ve been told I have

Satan inside me

They don’t understand

That I just don’t believe

They say that I’m a monster


Have you read their book?

It’s anything but good

How can they not see

God’s hypocrisy?

I say that he’s a monster


The monster on Sunday

The monster takes their lives away

Wastes their lives away (away)


With their strong beliefs

There’s no reasoning

Then they pass their lies

To the child mind

I say that they’re the monster!


The monster, the monster

The monster!

Takes their lives away!

Away, away, away


The monster…




Believe In Yourself


I’m at the age of finding myself

My mind escapes into fantasy

I’m like a flower opening to light

Everything feels so right


Life is too short to waste it full of worry

About what others think


I’m at the age of defending myself

Are my thoughts evil and wrong?

I’ve been told I’m unworthy

I’m forced to feel so guilty


Life is too short to waste it full of worry

About what others think

Life is too short, so spend it all in a hurry

Who cares what others preach


No pastors or priests

No god to appease

You know in your heart

What is right

It’s time to end this

Needless suffering

You know you are free

To believe in yourself!


There is nothing wrong with you

Don’t let them convince you

That it’s true

And break those guilty chains

And run so far away

Until you are free

To believe in yourself




Christian Terrorist


Brainwashed masses

Always surround me

Everywhere I go!

They pile into churches

And onto their knees

Everybody knows



Worshipping their master

For their life thereafter

They’re willing to

Die to spread the lie


Thank you bible

You’re such a gift

Your violent words

Are just a myth

But they can’t

Tell the difference

It’s the modern day

Christian terrorist


Faithful zombies

Infecting the world

Everywhere I go!

Injecting god into government

Everybody knows


You think you’re not

A soldier of god!

But you use his

Words without shame

You think you’re not

A soldier of god!

You use him to

Justify your hate


America today

Has a proliferation

Of Christian groups

All driven by a false sense

Of righteousness

Causing human rights

To be trampled

In the name

Of ancient scripture

In this modern day

Age of reason

Science, enlightenment

Humanism and compassion

Why can’t we just

Move forward from

Medieval superstition

And embrace peace?








I want to know

Where did you go?

There’s nothing here for me

Nothing but silence

And I’ve come to see now

What is meant to be

There’s nothing more for me

There’s nothing more for me

Standing in the dark

We’ll find out what we need in time

Find what we need in time

Time heals all wounds

Time heals all wounds

Time heals all wounds

Time heals all wounds

When will it begin

I need time to help me out

They say time heals all wounds

Heals all wounds

But I can’t see how!


Time heals all wounds

But I can’t take it anymore

When will you love me?

When will you not shun me?

You’re killing me time

I don’t even know why

You’re taking all I have

And running away

You’re inside my head

You’re killing me dead

I don’t know who I am anymore!


When will you love me again?

Or will this just be the end?

You can’t now you see who I am

Will you love me again?


It’s over, is it over?

It’s over, is it over?

It’s over, is it over?

Your love is over!


When will you come back to me?

Where have you gone

I need you to see

Me for what I

Have become today

Why did you leave me

Alone again, alone again

Alone again

Is this the end, is this the end

Is this the end

Of your love for me?

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