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Recording Is Complete

We have created a masterpiece!  All that’s left is mixing and mastering, so the date is set to release our first album this summer 2015.  It’s impossible express in writing how excited we are to share it with you!  Thank you to Brian Baker for drums, James Cass for bass, Matt VanAllen for engineering and everyone at Big Fish Recording Studio for your help in exquisitely bringing our atheist hard rock dream into reality.

See photos

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Infiltrating The Studio!

We’ve poured our blood, sweat, and tears into ten hard rock songs each carrying a strong atheist message, and now it’s time to record!  We’ve selected the legendary Big Fish Recording Studio in Encinitas CA.  They’re knows ironically for producing the top Christian bands like POD, Switchfoot, and As I Lay Dying, as well as for their big drum sound.  Megadeth and Blink 182 also recorded there.  Here’s an interview of us at Big Fish…

Read it here

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Band Of Choice

We’ve been declared CFI Portland’s “unofficial” band of choice!  Thank you to Sylvia Benner, Dani Tofte, and Kurt Johansen for having us play at your events.  What a wonderful time we had playing with Shelley Segal, we can’t believe we pulled off learning ten songs within one month for that show.  One day we plan to take our acoustic rock duo act to a full band with a hard rock sound.