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In the city that brought you Switchfoot and P.O.D., a new kind of band has emerged.  A band that doesn’t bow to gods or masters.  A band that won’t expect you to suspend your reason.  A band that is carving out its own musical genre: atheist hard rock.  I humbly introduce you to Monster On Sunday.

Formed in 2012, Monster On Sunday has been rocking the San Diego music scene, introducing a new wave of lyrical rationality to a thoroughly religious environment.  So while worship groups are playing for morning service in the 800-some-odd churches in San Diego, Monster On Sunday will be kicking ass at the San Diego Atheist Meetups.

Steve and Tally Cass, the power duo behind the band, believe in the merits of science, the virtues of critical thinking, and consider “faith” to be sheer folly.  And when they get to the Grammies they will not be thanking God.  Instead, they will be playing shows and building the atheist community.

Influenced by bands like Bad Religion, Alice In Chains, and Black Sabbath, Monster On Sunday will leave your mind challenged and your soul… well, disproven.


Kile B. Jones

Founder & Director of Interview An Atheist At Church Day


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  1. I’ve known Steve and Tally Cass for quite a few years and we have shared many a musical adventure. I have inspired them and they have inspired me. I have a pretty good idea of what to expect, though not having yet heard this new Monster On Sunday – Baby Eater album, I can assure that they rock hard! I know they sound great because I designed and built Steves guitar amplifier from scratch. Aside from the monstrously mean and heavy sounding amplifier, I also designed and built a special germanium fuzz pedal that just sears your face off. It has to be one of the loudest heaviest guitar tones I have ever heard. The Duo.Glassix Quadra.Lux amplifier has been described as the meanest sounding amp on the face of the planet! The Fuzz.Bender just makes the huge sound even more ginormous! If you want to hear some absolutely searing heavy tones then this is the band for you! If you have any questions about the gear, just ask the band for my contact information which they have permission to share, or hit me up at http://www.duoglassix.com or [email protected].

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